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A Truly Unique Book

No one else in the world will have a book like yours. Seriously. In this remarkable book the only story that matters is yours, only yours! In the book, you'll talk about your friends, the food you love the most, your favorite toys, your days at school ... Here are three reasons to really fall for PEEWEE books:

They are a real biography

"Biography", a complicated word that simply means “a book about yourself”, this will be your first memoir!

They are fully personalized

You give us some information about yourself and, with a touch of magic, we set up a book only for you, built to your own image.

They are didactic

When you write your book you are putting your creativity to work, gaining writing skills and, perhaps, increasing your taste for books.

How does it work?

Making a PEEWEE book is very fast. There are only 3 steps:


Fill in the questionnaire

To get to know you better, answer the questions and choose the drawings that are related to you.


Change the book as you want

After we have met you, it's time for magic: abracadabra, and in a few seconds your personalized book will appear! But if you want to improve it you can choose another drawing, add details to the text or even tell a totally different story. Everything that is written is completely editable.


Finish your order

The book is ready to print. Now, just choose the payment method and provide the shipping data to receive it at home! Simple, isn't it?

(Please allow 15 working days for printing of your book).

Are you ready to create the book of a special child's life for you?
We are here to help, just follow every step.

Get to work!

Special Projects

Posters, puzzles, invitations or tailor made books, with stories and drawings based on personal stories and photos.