Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my book?

Having a book made specially for you takes time. Thus, printing can take up to 15 working days, at times of greater demand.

I need my book to arrive quickly, what can I do?

If, for any reason, you need your book to arrive quickly, please email us and we will do our best to help you.

I do not have any Paypal account or credit card, is there any other form of payment?

You can pay by bank transfer to the IBAN: PT50 0193 0000 1050 1400 4271 8. Then send us the proof of your payment to so that we can register your order. Finally, you will receive an email confirming the process.

What are the dimensions of the book and the envelopes?

A book measures 22x22 cm and the envelope 23x23 cm. If you choose the normal mail mode make sure they fit in the mailbox.

Is shipping cost included?

Unfortunately, shipping costs have to be charged separately.

Do I have to register on the site to order the book?

In order for all your data to be stored, you need to create an account.

In which languages can I write my book?

For now we only have the texts available in English, Portuguese, French ans Spanish. However, since all texts are editable you can always write them in another language, as long as you use the Latin alphabet.

For what ages are these book recommended?

The books are suitable for children between 2 and 9 years old. From the moment the children already know how to write, we suggest that they write their own story.

What is the purpose of these books?

These books have three goals: Entertain children with a fully constructed book based on their everyday lives and their tastes. Serve as testimony of a phase of the child's life and a small illustrated memoir. Encourage children's taste for reading books and, for older children, stimulate their writing creativity and their enthusiasm for reading.

The texts do not correspond the daily life of my son, can I change them?

The texts are fully editable, you can add or change them completely, for issue just click "Edit text", and save everytime you end one page.

Can I change the page order?

The structure of the book cannot be changed. If you want another different structure, please contact us to order a special project.

Can I change the font and size of the text?

Texts have a limited number of characters depending on the free space allowed by each of the different illustrations. So that the text stain does not overlap with the drawings, the software does not allow an extra number of characters.

Can I order a book with less pages than the number of pages stipulated on the site?

No, the book's structure is fixed. For those who wish to give wings to their imagination, just contact us through our special projects or email

I wanted a book with illustrations made specially for me, is it possible?

For those who like to write, to do things their own way, without any limitations, we can, on a quote, make illustrations by order.

Do books always have to be about children?

Although the trait is very childish, we can also make drawings that illustrate the biography of an adult. The life of Grandparents or Parents narrated as a children's story, so that grandchildren, children or nephews get to know, is a fun way to get to know the route of the people they love, it's a unique gift for the whole family.

How can I request a special project?

It\s very easy. Send us an email with your ideas and we will try to make them happen. As each project has to be special and unique, we will talk to you to get all the details right.

Do you do different special projects from those presented on the site? Can I create my own project?

We like someone who has imagination and new ideas. Within our possibilities, we will try to accommodate your request.