Special Projects

Do you want to let your imagination run free and do everything your way?

No problem!

We are here to make drawings specially for you, for your family or for your friends.

We make pictures for children's bedrooms, we illustrate genealogical trees with all the branches of your family (or just the ones you like!), we help tell the story of your grandparents in a book specially designed for the grandchildren ... We can do a lot, just talk to us.

Each project is unique and therefore each one has its own price, but to start here are some examples of the most popular requests:

Book with the history of the grandparents/parents - each drawing 50€, minimum 12 illustrations (does not include text or book production).

Poster, frame, puzzle or invitation based on photography - 80€ (does not include printing).

Genealogical tree - 100 € (not including printing)

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